About BCA Senior Experience

• The BCA Senior Experience program is a board-approved graduation requirement for which
students receive 9 academic credits in their senior year at the Academy.
• Student interns report directly to the internship every Wednesday during the academic
year for the full business day.
~ Specific internship hours are determined by the mentor. There is a minimum
requirement of six working hours and a maximum of nine working hours.
~ Internships begin in September and conclude in May
• Mentorship may be provided by one or more individuals within the organization who
take an active interest in the student’s growth and development as an intern.
• Most Senior Experience Internships are for learning purposes only and usually do not involve
monetary compensation to the student.
• A learning plan outlines the scope of duties and responsibilities and is developed
collaboratively by student and mentor at the beginning of the internship.
• The program culminates with the Senior Exhibition; a final, highly personalized presentation
made by the student to the Academy community, mentors, and invited guests.